Do BoyleSports Pay First Past The Post?

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What is First Past the Post in Horse Racing?

First past the post is a horse racing concession offered by many popular online bookmakers, including BoyleSports. If you have a bet on a horse that finishes first past the post in a horse race in the UK, Ireland, or South Africa, BoyleSports will pay you your winnings even if the horse is subsequently disqualified when the official result is announced.
*T&Cs apply.

If a horse you have had a bet on does not finish first but is subsequently promoted to first place by the stewards, BoyleSports will also pay you your winnings. If any horse is subsequently awarded a race after the official result has been announced, Betway will not pay you your winnings.

What are BoyleSports First Past the Post Terms & Conditions?

The first past the post concession at BoyleSports has several terms and conditions that limit the chances of BoyleSports losing money due to potential foul play.

If you think you should have been paid winnings from a horse that finished first past the post, but was subsequently disqualified, read these terms & conditions before contacting Betway to complain.

BoyleSports does not pay first past the post on horses taking the wrong course
BoyleSports does not pay first past on horses carrying the wrong weight
BoyleSports does not pay first past when a jockey has failed to weigh-in
BoyleSports does not pay first past on ante-post bets
BoyleSports does not pay first past on void races
BoyleSports does not pay first past on bets struck on the Tote or Pari-Mutuel
BoyleSports does not pay first past on winners given by a judge’s error
BoyleSports does not pay first past on two-runner races

What Should I Do If I Haven’t Got My First Past the Post Winnings at BoyleSports?

If you believe you are due some winnings from a bet on a horse that finished first past the post, but haven’t received them, double-check the horse didn’t break any of the terms and concessions mentioned above.

If you still think you should have been paid out as a winner, contact the BoyleSports support team and query why you haven’t.

BoyleSports Contact Details

If you need to contact the BoyleSports support team, options include live chat, email, and phone. If you choose to phone BoyleSports, be aware there are different phone numbers for the UK, Ireland, and the rest of the World.

Does BoyleSports Offer More Horse Racing Concessions or Promotions?

As well as offering a first past the post concession, BoyleSports also offers many more horse racing concessions and promotions.

BoyleSports Welcome Offer

If you don’t already have an account with BoyleSports, you’ll be able to take advantage of a welcome offer when you sign up. This offer is normally a generous number of free bets you can use for horse racing, but it is subject to change.

Free Bet if Your Horse Finishes Second at BoyleSports

BoyleSports offer horse racing concessions for many big races and important events and one of the most popular ones is you’ll get a free bet if your horse finishes second to the SP favourite. This concession is ideal if you think only the favourite can beat your selection, as you’re on a win-win bet if your analysis is right.

Get Extra Places at BoyleSports

One of the biggest trends in horse racing is for bookmakers to offer extra places on key races. BoyleSports are no different, so check it out if you’re worried your horse might just miss the frame under the normal each-way terms.

Best Odds Guaranteed at BoyleSports

BoyleSports offers one of the most generous best odds guaranteed concessions. Get BOG on all singles and multiplies online and in-shop for all UK and Irish horse races. BOG is available the day before racing.

Non-Runner No Bet at BoyleSports

If you like to bet ante-post on horse racing, BoyleSports is a bookmaker always worth considering. Watch out for the NRNB markets, as this means you’ll get your money back on your ante-post bet if your horse doesn’t run.

Should I Bet with BoyleSports?

BoyleSports is a popular online bookmaker that offers a wide range of horse racing promotions, one of which is its first past the post concession. That’s why we’d recommend you have an account with BoyleSports.

*Please note all details mentioned in this article maybe subject to change without notice.

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