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If you’d prefer to back dead certs rather than take a gamble, match betting is a form of betting in which you should be interested. Match betting is a great way to make money from betting with very little risk, though there are only a limited amount of matched betting opportunities of which you can take advantage.

Matched Betting Explained

Match betting is the art of claiming bonuses or free bets from bookmakers and betting in such a way that you’re guaranteed to make a profit. For example, let’s say that bookmaker-A has a welcome offer of bet £10 and get a £20 free bet.

You’ll first need to bet your £10 deposit, and the art of this is to lose none of it or as little of it as possible. You’ll need to bet your £10 deposit with bookmaker-A on a selection of your choice. For example, you bet your £10 on Manchester City to beat Chelsea at 2.00 (even-money).

The second part of the process is to lay Manchester City on one of the betting exchanges. If you can lay Manchester City for £10 at even-money, this means your two bets cancel each other out. Of course, you may need to pay commission on any betting exchange winnings, which is an example of where a small loss may occur. You may also have to lay Manchester City at slightly bigger odds on the exchanges, meaning you’ll incur another small loss.

After betting your deposit, you now have a free £20 bet to play with. You now place your £20 free bet, for example, on Liverpool to beat Tottenham at 2.00 (even-money). You then go to the exchanges and lay Liverpool for £10. As your £20 bet was free, you now stand to make a profit of £10 whether Liverpool win or lose (minus any slight losses or commission).

Matched betting really is that easy!

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Yes. Matched betting is completely legal. All you’re doing is being clever, there’s absolutely nothing illegal about it.

Is Matched Betting a Scam?

No. Matched betting is not a scam. It’s just a way of making a profit from bookmakers’ bonuses and free bets with very little risk.

The only problem with matched betting is that bookmakers don’t want you to do it. The terms and conditions of their bonuses and free bets will have clauses that say that winnings from these offers may be voided if matched betting can be proved. But this is difficult to do.

To avoid any possibility of matched bets being voided, try and avoid the obvious like betting your bonuses and free bets at the Betfair Sportsbook and laying it off on the Betfair Exchange. If you’re going to take advantage of bonuses and free bets from Betfair, lay the bets off on another exchange like Betdaq.

You should also try and avoid backing and laying at companies that fall under the same umbrella. For example, Paddy Power, Betfair, and Sky Bet are all owned by Flutter.

Matched Betting 2022

Matched betting has been around ever since bookmakers started offering bonuses and free bets and betting exchanges allowed you to lay bets. The principle for matched betting 2022 is no different. Look at one of the odds comparison sites like Oddschecker, and you’ll see a great choice of bookmaker free bets and bonuses you can take advantage of by using matched betting.

Free Matched Betting

While there are matched betting companies out there that will offer you matched betting advice for a small fee, any punter can enjoy free matched betting by putting in a little time and effort.

All you need to do is open an account with the bookmaker whose bonus or free bet you want to use, make a qualifying deposit, and follow the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Most bookmakers permit you to bet your free bets or bonuses selection whose odds are less than even-money, but even-money is probably the easiest odds to work with if you’re a beginner. When betting your deposit, free bets, and bonuses, just make sure that the odds on the exchanges are identical or very similar, allowing you to maximise your profits from matched betting.

Bookmakers to Use for Matched Betting

You can use bonuses and free bets from any bookmakers for matched betting, but you’ll probably want at least a £20 free bet to make it worth your time and effort. Just make sure that there are no daft wagering requirements with these offers, as these make it complicated, though not impossible to make a profit.

Below are some examples of bookmaker offers that are ideal for matched betting.

Bet365 – Bet £10 get £50 in free bets
Sky Bet – get £30 of free bets
William Hill – Bet £5 get £20 in free bets
888 Sport – Bet £10 get £45 in free bets
Betfair – Bet £50 and get £100 in free bets
Coral – Bet £5 get £20 in free bets
Ladbrokes – bet £5 get £20 in free bets
Vbet – Bet £10 get £20 in free bets

*Please note that the above offers may be subject to change without notice. Terms & conditions apply.

Make Money from Matched Betting

Hopefully, our article, is matched betting profitable, has shown you how easy it is to make a profit from the free bets and bonuses the bookmakers offer new players. Simply back and lay selections in a way that has very little risk and will guarantee a profit if you do it correctly.

Matched betting is completely legal and isn’t a scam. But be aware that bookmakers do have some terms and conditions attached to these offers that suggest winning from matched bets will be voided. Just avoid backing and laying selections with bookmakers and exchanges that are owned by the same umbrella companies and you should be okay.

Check out a top odds comparison site to see all the bookmakers that offer free bets and bonuses to new players and take advantage of them at your own pace to make money from matched betting.

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