Which Sports Betting Stocks To Buy

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Since the Supreme Court overturned a federal ban on sports betting in 2018, the practice has risen considerably in the United States. The bans in the United States had been in place since 1992, thus limiting a legal market for sports betting to Nevada. State governments have been adopting legislation to allow corporations to conduct legal betting on a wide range of athletic events, both in-person and online since the ban was lifted.

The sports betting sector consists of businesses that provide solutions and services that allow customers to bet on the outcome of athletic events like horse or dog races and soccer and football games. Some companies in the market operate as sportsbooks or sports betting bookies, while others supply software and technology platforms that allow other businesses to operate as sportsbooks.

These businesses also provide other services, such as owning and operating casinos and internet betting sites. Flutter Entertainment PLC (PDYPF), DraftKings Inc. (DKNG), and Caesars Entertainment Inc. (CZR) are just a few of the industry’s largest names.

Sports Betting Stocks With The Best Value

Boyd Gaming Corp. (BYD)

This company owns and runs gaming venues across the United States. It also has entertainment, dining, shopping, and recreational facilities on its premises.

Gambling.com Group Ltd. (GAMB)

The Gambling.com Group is a digital marketing services provider for the global, licensed online gambling sector situated in Ireland. This company publishes information on gaming websites from all over the world, including comparisons and reviews. It is not a gambling establishment.

Penn National Gaming Inc. (PENN)

Penn National Gambling is a multi-channel entertainment company that offers retail and online gaming, live horse racing, and sports betting. The corporation’s wholly-owned interactive division operates online social casinos, retail sports betting, bingo, and iCasino products.

Sports Betting Stocks Having Fastest Growth

Boyd Gaming Corp. (BYD)

This corporation owns and operates gaming establishments throughout the United States. It also has dining, entertainment, shopping, and recreational facilities on its premises.

GAN Ltd. (GAN)

GAN offers enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for online sports betting and casino gaming. Its internet gaming ecosystem platform, GameSTACK, is used in both Europe and the United States. Customers utilize the company’s software to manage their online sportsbooks and casinos.

Evolution AB (EVVTY)

Evolution is a Swedish firm that creates fully integrated business-to-business (B2B) live gaming solutions and licenses them. It works with various gaming companies, including both online and land-based casinos.

Sports Betting Stocks having Most Momentum

International Game Technology PLC (IGT)

International Game Technology is a gaming solutions provider established in the United Kingdom, including products for slot machines, sports betting, lotteries, and internet casinos.

MGM Resorts International (MGM)

Being a global entertainment corporation, MGM Resorts International owns and manages world-class hotels and casinos, meeting and conference facilities, live and theatrical entertainment, restaurants, nightlife, and retail outlets. A digital sportsbook is also run by the company for sports betting.

Evolution AB (EVVTY)

Evolution is a Swedish company that develops and licenses fully integrated business-to-business (B2B) live gaming solutions. It collaborates with many gaming companies, including online and land-based casino establishments.

Is It Wise To Invest In Sports Betting?

Sports betting is becoming more popular, and it could be a good option for investors to diversify their portfolio into sports betting investment options, particularly as new forms like app-based betting become more prominent. On the other hand, investors have alternative options, such as ETFs, for those who want to bet on a broad-based recovery.

What Is The Definition Of A Growth Stock?

A growth stock is a stock that is expected to increase at a rate that is much higher than the market average. The majority of these stocks do not pay dividends. This is because growth stock issuers are typically businesses that seek to reinvest any profits to speed up growth in the short term. When investors buy growth stocks, they expect to profit from capital gains when they sell their stock in the future.

Is Bitcoin Trading Considered A Form Of Gambling?

Trading cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum is not gambling if you define gambling as “a game of chance.” Trading cryptocurrency is gambling if you define gambling as “a game in which you can risk much more than you could afford to lose.”

Who Is The Owner Of FanDuel Stock?

Sportradar will play a “vital role in assisting FanDuel’s expansion inside a US sports betting landscape,” according to the company. Flutter Entertainment, a mobile gaming firm based in the United Kingdom, owns 95 percent of FanDuel. Flutter has a market valuation of $34 billion and is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

What Is A Gaming Industry Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

ETFs in the gaming industry are exchange-traded funds that invest in casinos and sports betting companies to match the performance of an underlying index. Gaming funds keep track of companies involved in casino and sports betting, as well as video games and other types of electronic entertainment.

What Is A Blockchain Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)?

A blockchain exchange-traded fund (ETF) invests purely in a basket of blockchain-based companies, similar to a conventional theme- or sector-based ETFs that invest in a particular bundle of specific equities. A blockchain ETF’s holdings are companies that use blockchain technology in their business or invest in or profit from it.

What Is A Go-Go Fund, And How Does It Work?

A go-go fund is a slang term for a mutual fund that invests in high-risk equities in the hopes of generating above-average profits. The aggressive approach of a go-go fund usually entails having big stakes in growth stocks. Growth stocks come with a higher level of risk, but they also have a higher potential return.

What Does Going Public mean?

Going public, also known as an initial public offering, is the act of selling shares that were previously held confidentially and are now receptive to new potential investors as per initial public offering (IPO) for the first time.

What Is A Reverse Triangular Merger, And How Does It Work?

A reverse triangular merger occurs when an acquiring firm creates a subsidiary that purchases the target company, and the target company then subsequently absorbs the subsidiary, resulting in the formation of a new company.

Since the subsidiary only has one shareholder—the acquiring business—a reverse triangular merger is easier to complete than a direct merger because the acquiring firm can get control of the target’s non – transferable contracts and assets.


Ultimately investing in sports betting stocks comes down to your own risk attitude and your own research, but hopefully this guide has given you some ideas of what’s hot right now and which sports betting stocks we’d consider buying.

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